The Village of Chryston - North Lanarkshire - Scotland
TIME CAPSULE FOUND The demolition of Chryston Parish Church Hall in 2003 revealed a fascinating insight into why the Free Church was originally built in the village, through a history archive dated over 150 years old. A perfectly preserved time capsule was recovered from under one of the door pillars which contained "A Statement as to the circumstances of the erection of the Free Church", among other artefacts. Buried in 1845, at a time when the Free Church was formed by secession from the Church of Scotland, the capsule also included various lists of members and trustees, two newspapers, four coins, a medallion and cards for a dinner after the laying of the Foundation Stone on 23rd September, 1845. During its 157 years existence, the building in Main Street has been known as the Free Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, Chryston West Church of Scotland and since 1952 as Chryston Parish Church Hall. The contents are documented below: 1. Statement "of the circumstances of the erection of the Chryston Free Church". 2. List of the Committee for the erection of Chryston Free Church 23rd September, 1845. 3. List of the Trustees for Chryston Free Church 23rd September, 1845 4. List of Subscribers for Erection of the Free Church of Chryston. 5. Communion Roll made up first meeting of Session held in connection with Chryston Free Church 24th April, 1845. 6. List of Members of the Chryston Free Church Sabbath School Society 23rd September, 1845 7. Booklet of Claims, Declaration and Protest. 8. Protest by Ministers and Elders 18th May, 1843 published 31st May, 1843 (Commisioners to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland) 9. Act of Separation and Deed of Demission of Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland 23rd May, 1843 with additions to 1845. 10. Copy of "The Scottish Guardian" Vol.I No.76 19th September, 1845. 11. Copy of "The Witness" Vol.VI No. 608 20th September, 1845. 12. Card for Dinner at Laying of the Foundation Stone of Chryston Free Church Tuesday 23rd September, 1845. 13. Card - Soiree - Chryston Free Church. 14. Coins - Sixpence 1844; One Shilling 1844; One Penny 1841 15. Commemoration Medallion of the First Assembly of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland 18th May, 1843 (Thomas Chalmers). 16. Coin "Pure Copper Preferable to Paper"
Time Capsule
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